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  • Controls:  
    • Dash - Space
    • Sprint - Left Shift 
    • Use item - F
    • Throw item - T
    • Change item - Mouse Wheel 
    • Reload - R
    • Change weapon - Q
    • Interact - E

We will be entering Early Access on Steam soon! So be sure to wishlist us there! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1245430/Golden_Light/

Golden Light is a first-person procedural survival horror game with rogue-like elements and an eerie atmosphere.

Explore the dark enviroment of the Golden Light office where everything is trying to kill you.

What's coming on release:

  • Procedurally generated enviroments with interesting events to scare or help you on your way.
  • Deep narrative and interesting main story.
  • Plenty of firearm options.
  • Visuals and atmosphere inspired by all of our favorite horror games.
  • Original soundtrack
  • Love

Join our Discord channel and became a part of develpoment process: https://discord.gg/S2GRPtN

Updated 1 day ago
Published 25 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreAction, Shooter
TagsFirst-Person, FPS, Horror, Roguelike, Roguelite, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Unity


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GoldenLightBuild 04.7.zip 413 MB

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oye desarrollador, debes poner que vergas actualizas, solamente actualizas pero no nos dices que, y no me gusta descargarlo y averiguarlo :/

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Hey there! You can join our Discord channel to get all info you want!  https://discord.gg/S2GRPtN

We will be making a more detailed update posts closer to Steam's Early Access

Anyway, biggest thing in this update are items that you can find on the level. Each item can be eaten or thrown, and you don't know the effect of the item before you do it. Basically, it's potion from old school roguelikes :)

Played your game, got tickled by a door and then accidentally broke the game. Do so hope you enjoy this adventure you gave me

Your game starts at 12:46

Thank you buddy! Sorry for the broken game :)

I didn't think it was broken. Definitely fun and challenging. Looking forward to playing it again :)

That bug actually was fixed in a newer builds


Я в восторге. Да Нил (и, конечно, все, кто с тобой работает), ты сделал нечто дявольское и непредсказуемое. Много мелочей увидел, которые добавляют по-своему общее напряжение, даже если некоторые возможно были случайные (например, что некоторые вещи лежат высоко на полках и временно приходится терять зрительный контакт с окружением, или перк на урон от дэша заставляет лететь прямо во врагов, что превращает полезную функцию в нечто требующее смелости). Дизайн звука - моё почтение, для хоррора идеальнее сделать нельзя было бы, все звуки как-будто сломаны и это полностью ломает ожидание, даже когда привыкаешь к ним. Перк на You find yourself at weird places каждый раз меня будоражил как в первый. Единственное что, пока нахожу раздражающим немного быстрый вывод из строя огнестрела, хотя это скорее на пользу сложности идёт, а сложность = +жуткость. В общем активно буду следить за проектом, спасибо! (вкинул денежки, немного, но что могу)

Большое спасибо, браток! Очень приятно :)

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These padlocks are getting a little out of hand...
Clearly, I loved the game concept.
I hope you'll be able to work on it some more.
The more object monsters, the better. No matter how many times I play it, the suspense and sounds have me on edge every moment.
You've created something morbidly beautiful.

I must say though, the encounters in the more recent builds are a bit too often. It's less "stalking" and more "waves of enemies," if that makes sense.

Game is really fun man i enjoyed it a lot got some silent hill vibes from the atmosphere. Great game!!!!


i cant trust soda vending machines anymore....also the game was really fun and scary i hope there's a full release  keep up the great work amigops :D 


Hey buddy, thank you so much!



Damn, I love it <3

Hey! I just started a video devlog of Golden Light! So if you're interested - let me know! This is how crazy slav make games!

Ставлю этой игре класс! 👍


Игра прекрасна , не хватает заданий на локации этажей , более менее сюжета. Туалеты верни)))


Насчёт туалетов поддерживаю)))

Сюжет в игре есть, но пока что игра сырая. Дальше будет лучше!
Автор свой канал на YouTube имеет и иногда стримы по процессу создания игры делает. https://www.youtube.com/user/rubberandrobber

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Congrats on getting to the front page! In a week, no less. You certainly deserve it with this concept. While the game can get repetitive and the AI gets stuck on things, the game is also genuinely creepy and has a great atmosphere.

Woah thank you man! We're working on it :O

В новой версии что-то натворили с AI walker'ов...
Их практически не слышно, но даже если и слышно пройти как-то мимо не получатеся. Не очень как-то...
(Надеюсь верут как было)

Также слегка изменили механику летающих (хз как их звать).
Против них играть стало сложнее, хотя они и до этого были нечего...

Огромная простьба, вот прям по человечески прошу, ВЕРНИТЕ СТАРЫЕ ТУАЛЕТЫ))), прошлая модель была лучше


Все сделаем!

why no linux version yet?

Hi! We're not actually sure if it'll gonna be a thing any time soon :(

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why? isn’t it possible to just build to linux? 

It's totally possible, but fixing all the linux related bugs is totally impassible right now :)

what do you mean by linux related bugs? do the monsters act all weird on linux?


This game is fun, really well made and has a very interesting concept.  The jump scares were legit and the sounds were amazing.   The only negative I had was the lack of a checkpoint when getting to a new floor but I guess I could always just git gud and not need them.  Keep up the great work!  


This was such a great experience to go through! After getting to floor 2 I was taken out but some surprising monsters, but I'm excited to try and go deeper into the game! :)


Hey brother thank you so much for playing our game! Loved your video <3


This game is phenomenal! Such a creepy environment, and so many unexpected scares. I still play this game even after recording this vid, so much replay value! 

Hey man I'm glad you'd like this game! We are working hard right now adding more content! Do you want a key of a Steam version? It is updating frequently.

I couldnt beat it because I got scared lol. But its the second game I played in my "2 Horror Games"

Really cool game. The first "interaction" i had really got me. 



That was a tough one but as always I beat this game also :))

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amazing fps horror game kinda similar to a game that i played on steam killing floor i think but overall it gave me the spooks i also made a vid out of it u guys can also support my channel im nearing 100 subs 

overall Its an awesome game im gonna make a series of it probably

I played Golden Light earlier today and I have to say I really liked it. I wish I could've gotten farther though! 

Hello, I liked the game a lot, I did not like the handling, how it moves, it is imprecise, too labyrinths, but I liked to play it, friend thanks for this game, I would like you to subscribe to my YouTube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Ze0stcmF5zKGiRwGj2RJA?sub_confirmation=1

Heya! I believe you wasn't really into handling due to low performance of the game on your pc, BUT, in any case - we'll try to put some settings for those who aren't a fan of our "camera lag" idea. Cool video, thanks for playing!


I posted my video on Gamejolt but will post it here as well :P Good game, can't wait for more

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the game is AMAZING!

I would like to know whether to be in Spanish since I am from Argentina and I am at a low level of English and I am still studying. To know everything it says

amazing game <3

a question, when will it come out on steam? and it will be to change the resolution is that it lags at about 22 fps and I hope you have more options on the subject of graphics and that it is well optimized, luck in your development and the game is BEAUTIFUL! <3 <3

Hey pal! Thanks for the feedback. We're not sure about Spanish being right on Early access release, but it's sure our priority to localize the game to as much of languages as possible in the future. Graphical settings are indeed our main priority as well as more content and fleshing out what's currently in the game.

great that sounds spectacular, you promise a lot with the game and the truth is more than good and I hope that the development goes all well, a hug!

I see you post here on Itch.io as well. I leave also a link here as well if you didn't see this kk.

This reminds me too much of Lost in Vivo and that's a good thing. The scares were extremely unexpected and the setting was unique! I only wish there was co-op with the large maps that are easy for ME to get lost in without a map. 9/10 Would scream again.

Reload is Q? Shouldn't be Q for strafe left? :P

So i managed to complete the first floor of this 1, very nice game game i got jumpscared on multiple occasions so thanks for that :D Cant wait to try the next floor. Here is some of my play through so far hope you enjoy: